100g=n.182m | KnitPro Symfonie Luna

28,90  sis. ALV 24%

Kaunis ja himmeäkiiltoinen lanka, joka on sekoitus käsinvärjättyä merinovillaa ja silkkiä. Tästä ylellisestä DK-vahvuisesta langasta on ilo neuloa uniikit kutittamattomat pipot ja kaulahuivit.

Koostumus: 75% merinovilla, 25 % silkki

Riittoisuus: 100 g = n.182 m

Puikot: 3,5 – 4 mm

Koukku: 2,5 mm – 3mm

Neuletiheys: 10cm x 10cm = 20-24s x 28 krs

Pesu: Hellävarainen käsinpesu viileässä vedessä ja tasokuivatus

Valmistusmaa: Intia


At Symfonie Hand-Dyed Yarns, we create high-quality, affordably priced, hand-dyed yarns in an extensive range of gorgeous colors for knitters and crocheters around the world.

Symfonie is a division of KnitPro International, a family-owned manufacturer of needlecraft tools and accessories based in Jaipur and Delhi (Noida), India. Knitpro was founded in 2006 with an initial team of 7. We are now proud to employ over 1,500 people, mostly women. We are an inclusive company that supports the rights of all our workers and contributes to the education of their families. Every Knitpro employee is guaranteed fair wage compensation along with medical benefits, transportation and daily meal support, and on-the-job training. We work on two eco-compliant campuses run according to state-of-the-art environmental practices, including 100-percent clean water systems that ensure the highest degree of safety.



SS3001 Moonlight, SS3002 Pink Pearl, SS3003 Skylight, SS3004 Blue Sapphire, SS3008 Rubelite, SS3009 Pink Agate, SS3010 Ruby, SS3011 Copper, SS3012 Honey, SS3013 Emerald Green, SS3014 Olive